Monday Dec 28 2020

Shirt Project

a wearable art exhibit and social experiment hosted by Fashion Revolution Toronto.


Origin Story

Since globalization and the mass production of (fast) fashion, companies have normalized offshore manufacturing for cheap labour that exploit skilled garment workers. It’s been a major issue in the fashion industry, along with the constant output of low quality and unsustainable clothing which encourages overconsumption and contributes to our throwaway lifestyle/waste society.

With this white shirt from SHEIN, I wanted to (re)transform it into traditional clothing from where it was made - in China - to emphasize who/where the people are that make our clothes. The qipao/cheongsam reminds us of the original culture of the garment workers, but also contrasts the unedited shirt to communicate the dominant western influence in global fashion as a consequence of colonialism and imperialist structures.

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“Money, Fashion, Power” in Chinese Calligraphy by Kaman Lu
digital art; inkjet printed and transferred with gloss.